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I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself as your Regional Director. My love affair with beauty on wheels started long before I could drive them. I suppose trucks were my first passion because they can go anywhere especially in the dirt and sand in my backyard. My first real car that I acquired was a 1970 Jaguar E type coupe.

I learned quickly the combination of short on funds and short on wisdom makes for bad purchasing decisions. When I was a able to bail myself from under that disaster I found something far simpler and more enjoyable to drive. The mere fact that I could drive it and not just pay storage fees at my local foreign car specialist put me way ahead of that Jag.

GIRCCCA Russ Rodriguez
Russ Rodriguez
Director, GIRCCCA
Russ Rodriguez

Right Events for Great Members


We provide some of the most prestigious events and tours anyone has to offer.


We have a large member base that is very knowledgable and willing to help fellow members


Join the group to create new friendships with people with similar interests.


Each car has its own story to tell. Join the group and share the stories that you and your classic have to offer.

Relax and EnjoyYour Classics

With a variety of activities and amenities available at our club, you will surely create great memories at our events and enjoy your classics.

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